Outdoorsman: The Weather Whisperer


For most in the modern world, knowing the weather is a matter of secondhand knowledge courtesy of cable news, a smart phone app or, for the luddite purists, a newspaper. Perish the thought of being so far out the grid, far enough from a data connection, so as to be subjugated to the capricious poker-faced whims of the weather. But what if you are off the grid? Continue reading


Equipped: Spare Me

The scenario: rushing to the car to get to another appointment you’re already late for, you tell yourself unreassuringly that late is late and rushing recklessly won’t change things.  Approaching the car door, you reach for your keys as you’ve done countless times.  Immediately you’re struck with the realization that the diminutive piece of metal, now the most sacred thing in the world, is not in it’s usual pocket.  Fighting panic, you perform a quick macarena dance, tapping every pocket while eyes dart the floor.  Nothing.  Images instantly replay in the mind of where, when, with whom, followed by the rhetorical duo, How?! Why?!


Now imagine a similar scenario for the overlander in the middle of nowhere.   Continue reading

Overlander: Land Rover Guide to Off-Roading

Via http://www.landrover.com, http://www.interactivelandrover.com

Few 4×4 manufacturers are as historically dedicated to the lifestyle and heritage they embody as Land Rover. From sponsored expeditions, online resources, to Owner’s Day Events, the Land Rover driver has at their disposal a plethora of information, assistance and a passionate sense of community. Continue reading